Why can’t we be that couple?

Winter Love

One Christmas, a few years ago, I was dating a very sweet guy and he arranged a romantic date at a local ranch. Dinner for two, wine, a box of chocolates and a single red rose, but first a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Everyone was inside the big tent, drinking hot chocolate, waiting for the sleigh to be ready. As we all filed outside, to my delight, he and I were ushered over to a private sleigh for two. As we got settled under the wool blanket, hot chocolate in hand, he leaned in and said “we’re that couple!”

He explained. If a girl believes her partner should be more romantic and she sees another couple demonstrating said romance, she may say (or at the very least think) “why can’t we be that couple?”

He further explained that when he’s dating someone, he always tries to think of ways to be that couple. I know, right?!?! How sweet is that?! He’s a total catch, he just wasn’t my affinity, but we’re still friends and he happens to be single, ladies, I can probably hook you up!

Recognizing that we’re all individuals and what makes me feel loved, may not be what makes you feel loved and vice versa, there are some universal attitudes and behaviours we can all employ in a “that couple “relationship, in my opinion:

  • Be your partner’s #1 fan and biggest supporter;
  • Respect and honour your partner;
  • Trust and forgive your partner;
  • Meet your partner’s basic needs of companionship and affection;
  • Take a genuine interest in your partner;
  • Openly communicate and engage in peaceful conflict resolution; and
  • Have as much sex as you possibly can!

It’s a simple formula; the more you have it, the more you want it.
Intimacy is imperative to cultivating a “that couple” relationship.

Respect her, adore her, protect her, challenge her, and make love to her.

That’s it boys, it’s not rocket science.

__Gypsy Deeva