Love without Attachment

Love without Attachment


My past relationship is complete and I accept the healing.

I know that all relationships are successful, no matter how long they last.
I recognize this experience as something my soul can use for evolution and awareness.
People grow, both together and apart.
I recognize and accept that another soul’s journey is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

The love is, and always will be, real.
I honor the love more than the loss.

I love and accept myself, exactly as I am.
And I love and accept others exactly as they are.

I forgive myself.
I am happy to be me, in all my magnificence and mistakes.
I am free.

I make a conscious decision to feel true love for myself, every day.
I am a faithful caretaker of my life.
I give myself the gift of comfort, nurturing, exercise, health and appreciation daily.
I give to my own life first and then share my abundance with others.

My thoughts and actions are in the present moment.
I am responsible for my intentions, which come from my personal values.

I attract people who want to be with me and appreciate me.
My authentic self is a magnet to the people who are right for me and fulfill my life the most.
I attract and choose to invest in relationships with people who’s authentic self brings love, light, peace and joy into my life.
If any relationships are currently in my life, or come to me, that are not fulfilling or supportive, I lovingly release them back into the Universe.

I have my own eternal reservoir of love.
I define my authentic self and my own life.
Others coming into my life simply add to this deep endless supply of love.

My soul’s worth is always of value.

My unwavering outlook on life is always vibrant and trusting that the Universe knows what’s best for me and will provide it at the right time.

Love without attachment is light.

Norman O. Brown

I give love without attachment.
This, in essence, is self love.