Ask Temple!

I often find myself in situations where folks come to me for advice or to be a sounding board and provide guidance on how I might approach a similar situation. I’d like to start sharing those conversations with you, in hopes they help others going through the same thing.

To that end, I’ve decided to try something new with my blog/website.

“Ask Temple”…or “Ask Gypsy Deeva”

I haven’t completely decided on this yet (thoughts?)

I need some material to launch with! If you’re inclined, please comment on this post, private message me on one of my socials, or email me ( with a question.

Please provide your real name/location or indicate ‘anonymous’, as this will be included in the response.


Whatever you have a burning question about. Dating, love, sex, relationships, wellness, yoga, fashion, travel, leadership, entrepreneurship, serious illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, single parenting, co-parenting, grand-parenting, etc.

I may not be able to answer all questions immediately, but will attempt to over time (provided they are appropriate for my audience).

The Q&A’s will be posted on my website, but I will also post alerts/links on my socials.

Thanks folks! I really appreciate the assistance and support and look forward to interacting with you!


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