About Me

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Temple and I am the Gypsy Deeva!

A Gypsy has no boundaries. She loves life and is in tune with Mother Nature. She aims high and never looks back. She has a wild nature and “that” look in her eyes. She is at one with the universe and will always walk in truth, love and beauty.
― Shikoba

I make friends with life, choose happiness, practice gratitude and recognize the miracle in every moment.

I am perpetually single, but my life is a love story!


  • Choose to have fun on my life journey
  • Seek balance, knowledge and clarity daily
  • Thrive on whole, natural foods & products
  • Strive to understand universal connectedness and the Earth
  • Encourage positive vibes

It is my purpose and intent to give and receive love.

What else would you like to know? Please drop me a line to say “Hello Gypsy Deeva!”

I’m glad you’re here to join me on my journey and I on yours!